We are proud of the homes we build. Perhaps more importantly, we are grateful for the friendships we’ve made throughout our four decades of building homes in our community. Here are a few testimonials we have received in the past. Perhaps in reading them you will learn more not only about Ryan Homes and Development, but about the most efficient ways to design and build your new home as well. 

"Recently, Paula Ryan helped me to remodel my business office. She was amazing! Paula was able to take my ideas and make them into reality. She researched several options, giving me some fabulous ideas and then gave me her professional recommendations on what would look best. Paula was there to pick out paint, flooring and accessories. I know it wouldn’t have all come together without her expertise. She is one of a kind!"

– Sara

"Because of Paula, we now have a beautiful, new master bathroom. She made our remodel a fun experience from start to finish. She made great suggestions and helped make decisions that we would still be stewing about. I would recommend her for any project and can't wait to be able to work with her again."

– Joni & Joel

"I hired Paula and Mike to update & remodel a condo I recently purchased. The kitchen and bathrooms were very out dated and closed in. I hired the Ryan's because my parents saw a condo they built and really liked Paula's style. The unique thing about using them is getting Paula as a designer on the project, rather than just a contractor who would just do as he was told and not come up with design ideas. She listened to my ideas, and then helped me select the the flooring, cabinets, tops, light fixtures and paint colors to make sure they all came together. She suggested features that I could never have possibly envisioned, but trusted her and went for it and love it; wall paper in the kitchen and stripes to my bedroom wall. Paula managed the remodeling process very efficiently by keeping the subcontractors on task and kept the cost down as well (unless I decided to add something) I would highly recommend Paula and Mike for any project large or small!"

- Ryan Staley


"We had Mike and Paula built our first custom home in Northlake Shore in 1999. We trusted Mike and Paula to build a second home in 2014/2015 because we knew they would deliver a quality, well built home on budget. They did just that. Paula was an amazing benefit in the interior design and selection process for our home. Paula joined us in all of our meetings with the contractors and material providers in the building process. Her experience simplified the selection process and added design ideas at each meeting. The contractors used by Ryan Homes were all first rate. We are totally satisfied with our new Ryan built home and are still friends after working with them on 2 projects!"

-Greg and Kari

"When I bought my home, I knew I wanted a lot of things different and did not know where to start. Paula was referred to me by a friend. I gave her the green light. Paula moved everything forward quickly, made it very easy and it turned out great! It was exciting watching Paula turn my newly purchased house into my own home!"


"Our home is unique and wouldn't have been so if we had used any other builder. It was fun working with Paula and exploring different design ideas with her. Her contacts in the industry are worth their weight in gold, knowing where to go and who to talk to... and having her hold my hand the whole way was invaluable! Working with Mike and Paula we always felt we were treated fairly and had fun building with them too!"

– Sarah and Bryan

The colors in our "spec" home were perfect, the crown molding, wood flooring and light fixtures are exactly what I would have chosen for myself. Paula did a great job of making this feel like a home before we moved in."

– Sandy and Lee

"Paula figured out very early on that I needed my selections narrowed down to help make my decisions. She gave me plenty of notice to make them, as well. She helped keep the project manageable because I work and have three kids with crazy schedules. She thought about my family’s needs now, and as they grow because we plan on being in this house a long time! Her contacts made it easier and she took the time to explain things and went above and beyond working with us on getting the plan just right. We had no clue as to what we needed when we started, from a design perspective and she guided us the whole way. She and Mike were both patient and so helpful before and during the project."

– Traci

"We purchased a home that Ryan Home’s had built a few years prior.  We needed to change some spaces around to fit our needs in the master bedroom and closet. We also built in book cases in the great room and added wainscoting in the dining room. Both added the missing character needed to add that extra detail. Paula also helped select new paint colors and carpet to finish off a more polished look in our new home. Paula is easy to work with. She has an eye for detail and is efficient and timely with laying out the project (s). Even with a few changes everything was completed on time and Paula ensured the detail work was finished as well.”

– Cindy and Mike

“Paula’s help was so beneficial. Simply stated, we could not have done it without her. It may sound cliché, but quality and attention to detail were built into every corner of our home … making it the home of a lifetime for us. We have recommended Mike and Paula to others. We gladly recommend them to you!”

– Rita and Ed

"Paula has designed and decorated two remodel homes for me. The first was modern and she tastefully worked it into a dream home for a young professional couple. Because she has such a good reputation I was able to sell the home before the work was done. The clients were told by several local realtors that a "Paula Ryan" home is the best you can get. The second home is over 50 years old and she has performed miracles, with budgeting everything at incredibly reasonable pricing. She paid for herself by her experience, contacts, and not letting me make bad decisions I would have to redo later. I will use Paula on any project I work on in the future – she is enthusiastic, honest, and brilliant. I made so many expensive mistakes trying to do things on my own at first. I was too subjective about the project. She knows what works and what doesn't and was emphatic about her experience/instinct approach to design that has been proven over and over with her clients."

– Rich

"Paula held my hand throughout the whole process, she pointed out details that I would have typically not thought of, and having a designer work with you throughout the process is a great selling feature. Her value: PRICELESS! Ryan Homes and Development offers beautiful craftsmanship, giving special attention to detail. Loved having Paula available to bounce ideas off and helping me step out of the “box” which really makes our home unique. Both Paula and Mike were extremely accommodating with our requests throughout the process.”

– Marla and Mark

We truly appreciate how quickly our questions and concerns were addressed. We would recommend them... they were great to work with and easily available. Paula adds a lot of nice touches i.e., mud room lockers, built-in shelving and hinged bench in the basement."

– Katie and Joe

"We had been looking for a home for 8 months and it felt like our home the minute we walked through the door. The color and design of the home is stunning. The attention to detail is clearly visible, from the screened-in porch, to the lighted kitchen cabinets, to the hidden staircase, to the custom bar in the basement. We call the house comfortably elegant. Everyone who has been to our home agrees that it is a "WOW" house that says "come in and sit down" which they are happy to do. It felt like home the first time we stepped through the door."

– Pat and Dennis

Paula Ryan has a wonderful eye for space design. Her interior design skills especially matching color with space are excellent. We used Ryan Homes and Development to remodel our basement, then had her choose paint, furniture and hang pictures along with accessorizing both spaces. Paula has a knack for finding the finishing touch that turns a house into a home."

– Karen and Bob

"Choosing everything all at once is overwhelming. Paula has experience and great taste. She is so helpful! We knew from seeing other Ryan homes that we would be getting a quality-built home."

– Chris and John

"We love the house and are grateful for all the help you gave to us! You did a great job... feel free to use us as a reference."

– Amy and Dave

"We chose the house because we loved the layout. The Ryans were so helpful, always available. We felt they were sincere and went to great lengths to make the sale of the home possible."

– Erin and Bill

"Paula and Mike were very accessible during our entire building process. When we pointed out potential issues, both were very accommodating."

– Nina and Paul

"We chose a Ryan home because it was a beautiful house, price/location — great people to do business with. We have recommend Ryan Homes and Development to our friends."

– Marilyn and Gene

"Paula has, in my opinion, tastes in her decorating schemes that are innovative, artistic and stylized. Her help was greatly appreciated."

– Bonnie and Larry

"Our only surprise was that it came together BETTER than expected! We knew we wanted to build in Tara Hill. The Ryan name is extremely strong and after meeting with Mike and Paula, the decision made itself."

– Cornell and Pat

"To see the quality and craftsmanship of our house compared to the homes of some friends - we recommend Ryan Homes hands down. There is no comparison!"

– Carol and Brian

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